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HTI and Forward Osmosis Water Filtration Systems
HTI Water Filtration - The US Military ApprovesH.T.I. - a World Leader in Water Technologies

Interested in Making Non-Drinkable Water Drinkable?

HTI (Hydration Technology Innovations) may provide you with just what you need. HTI is the developer of the most advanced form of water and waste water filtration membrane technology in the world. HTI has more than twenty years experience in research and development of advanced separation membrane manufacturing, and water filtration and recycling. HTI is the global leader and pioneer in the manufacture of commercial Forward Osmosis (FO) membrane material, and a global leader in membrane filtration wastewater treatment systems integration and installation.

The key is in the Forward Osmosis

Slow, but sure, H.T.I. filters work with the dirtiest of waters, and, unlike competitive products, they can even be made to work with brackish or salty water. As an added bonus, the end product comes to you int the form of a sports drink. That means added nutritional value has been added, not a bad thing in an emergency situation.

Although we are continuing to list HTI products (at least temporarily), there is a real possibility that the company has been foreced out of business because of a fire at their manufacturiing plant. Consequently, we will not be filling orders at this time. Shipping will resume as soon as HTI is able to advise us that their difficutlieshave been rectified.

Meeting Outdoor Needs
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HTI LifePack Family Water Filtration SystemHTI LifePack Family Water Filtration System
HTI HydroPack Self-Hydrating Water Filter PouchesHTI HydroPack Self-Hydrating Water Filter Pouches
HTI SeaPack Personal Desalination KitHTI SeaPack Personal Desalination Kit
HTI: Accessories & Explanation
More on HTI - Parts, Accessories and Comparisons

HTI - Hydration Technology Innovations

Military personnel use HTILots of Water But None to Drink

"Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink:
Water. water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

These words, taken from the poem,  The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by the English poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, describe a situation wherein a sailing vessel sits becalmed in mid ocean with its crew slowly dying of thirst under a broiling tropical sun, while all around them water stretches from horizon to horizon, none of it drinkable. Unfortunately, in emergency situations this is often the case when it comes to usable water  It may not be salt water that is the problem.  It might be dirty flood waters or contaminated water systems that create the difficulties.  Whatever the reason, a way to cope with this potential life threatening situation may be at hand.

HTI Water and Desalination Filters

In contemplation of such a crisis, serious consideration should probably be given to the use of water and desalination filters as designed and pioneered by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI).  These water purification devices could be true life savers.

Hydtation Technology InnovationsThe Process

Why do the HTI filters work so well? The secret is in the forward osmosis process.  Here's how they describe this innovative technolory:

In state-of-the-art plant facilities located in Albany, Ore., HTI manufactures a proprietary forward osmosis membrane material that allows water to migrate through the membrane, powered only by a draw solution on the clean water side of the membrane, leaving behind virtually all contaminants.

Osmosis is a natural process where liquids seek equilibrium when separated by a membrane or the wall of a cell, similar to the way water moves from soil into the roots of a tree. In the forward osmosis process water molecules flow through HTI’s membrane, but do so without the need for high pumping pressure found in many traditional filtration systems. Thus, forward osmosis filtration systems use very little energy, are constructed from relatively low cost materials and are capable of filtering highly contaminated dirty water, even those containing high solid concentrations, without plugging.

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