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Apple Peelers / Slicers

Apple Peelers, Apple Corers, Apple Slicers

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Fast, Simple, and Effective - Welcome to traditional styling and time proven methods that provide you with Old World taste and wholesome goodness in food preparation. 

Find What You Need

Choose from something that will peel only or that will core and slice only, if that will best meet your needs, or select from Back to Basics / Victorio Peelers that will peel, core and slice - all in one operation. With these you may also simply select one function at a time.  They are designed for use with apples, but many also use these devices with potatoes.

Note: Many of these devices can be used on apples as well as a number of other fruits and vegetables.

Victorio Apple Peeler Parts

Victorio / Back to Basics Replacement Parts
Suction Base and Clamp Base Apple PeelersSuction Base and Clamp Base Apple Peelers

All Victorio and Back to Basics products are designed for durability, but from time to time wear shows in even the best of products.

Broken or lost parts are also a possibility.  And breakage is not always brought about by normal use. That can happen by accidental drops or perhaps even unintentional misuse.  In either case, having spare parts on hand might help you to avoid unwanted delays at those time of year when you most want to make use of your apple peeler.

A simple part replacement can also save you money.  After all, why replace the entire unit when one or two replacement parts may solve the problem?  It is for this reason that StoreitFoods.com is pleased to provide a selection of replacement parts that will fit both of these popular brands of apple peelers.

The parts diagram.to the left may assist you in finding the correct part for your machine,  Choose carefully to avoid the inconvenience and expense of having to return and reselect.  These apple peeler parts are produced by Victorio Kitchen Products and will fit either the Victorio or most Back to Basics brands of Apple Peelers, but they are NOT made by Back to Basics.
Apple Peeler - Replacement Parts

Apple Peeler - Replacement Parts

Victorio Replacement Peeling Knife and Coring & Slicing Blade for Back to Basics / Victorio ApplePeeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-1-2)
Replacement Coring & Slicing Blade for Victorio / Back to Basics Apple Peeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-2)
Wing Nut for Apple Peeler Slicing / Coring Blade (SKU: PW-VKP1010-9)
Replacement Peeling Knife for Back to Basics / Victorio Apple / Potato Peeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-1)
Wing Nut for Apple Peeler Peeling Blade (SKU: PW-VKP1010-10)
Fork for Back to Basics / Victorio Apple / Potato Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-3)
Replacement Spring for Victorio / Back to Basics Apple Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-8)
Replacement Apple Peeler Crank Handle Assembly (SKU: PW-VKP1010-4)
Replacement Handle Arm for Victorio Apple Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-5)
Replacement Handle Screw for Victorio Apple Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-7)
Replacement Wood Handle Grip for Victorio Apple Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-6)
Replacement Drive Shaft for Victorio Apple Peelers (SKU: PW-VKP1010-11)
Clip for Suction Base Lever - Victorio Apple Peeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-15)
Replacement Suction Base Lever (SKU: PW-VKP1010-16)
Rubber Suction Base & Clip - Victorio Apple Peeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-13)
Rubber Tip for Lever - Victorio Apple Peeler (SKU: PW-VKP1010-14)
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See Also...

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