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Fruit Flavored Syrups

Fruit flavored syrups from Victorio"Time for Treats" Fruit Flavored Syrups

Worth Considering for your Food or Home Storage Program

Fruit Flavored Syrups are often associated with tasty iced treats, and rightly so. They are ideal for flavoring shaved ice, producing homemade sodas and adding a delicious topping to ice creams. Their uses, however, can extend beyond that.

If left unopened and properly stored, they last for years. When opened they can be used to enhance and add flavor to all sorts of food and drinks.

Why, for instance, limit that topping to ices or ice creams. You could also use them on yogurt or cottage cheese.

Other potential uses:

* Mix into hot cereal, like oatmeal or cream of wheat
* Stir into hot or cold tea
* Flavor ordinary water
* Sweeten and flavor punch or cocktails
* Mix with seltzer for unique sodas
* Use in a marinade
* Pour over pancakes or waffles
* Sauce desserts
* Add to salad dressing

A convenient, inexpensive way of adding flavorings to the foods and drinks you use every day.
Victorio Fruit Flavored Syrups
"Time for Treats" - 16.9 oz. Bottles

"Time for Treats" - 16.9 oz. Bottles

Time For Treats - Blue Raspberry SyrupTime For Treats - Blue Raspberry Syrup
Time For Treats - Cherry SyrupTime For Treats - Cherry Syrup
Time For Treats - Grape SyrupTime For Treats - Grape Syrup
Time For Treats - Lime SyrupTime For Treats - Lime Syrup
Time For Treats - Orange Cream SyrupTime For Treats - Orange Cream Syrup
Time For Treats - Pina Colada SyrupTime For Treats - Pina Colada Syrup
Time For Treats - Red Raspberry SyrupTime For Treats - Red Raspberry Syrup
Time For Treats - Root Beer SyrupTime For Treats - Root Beer Syrup
Time For Treats - Tiger's Blood SyrupTime For Treats - Tiger's Blood Syrup
Time For Treats - Tropical Punch SyrupTime For Treats - Tropical Punch Syrup
Time For Treats - Watermelon SyrupTime For Treats - Watermelon Syrup
Time for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - Blue RaspberryTime for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - Blue Raspberry
Time for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - CherryTime for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - Cherry
Time for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - WatermelonTime for Treats Sugar Free Syrup - Watermelon

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