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Health Master 100

Health Master 100

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Hot Foods and Cold Treats from the Same Machine?

Yes, it is possible.  The secret, of course, lies in the design.  Many blenders can be used to make soups and other hot dishes, but most can only start you on your way.  Consider the following directions for producing Hot Guacamole Soup. 

Cut avocado into quarters, remove pit and peel, and put the flesh in a blender or processor.  Tear the romaine leaves into pieces and add to blender.  Add remaining ingredients, together with half the stock, and puree until smooth.  Combine with remaining stock in a pan and simmer, covered, 10 minutes.*

With Jack LaLanne's Health Master 100, however, there is no need to remove and simmer.  The whole process can be completed in the Health Master.  It is not your average blender.  It can turn those raw vegetables into a piping hot soup in a mere matter of minutes.  The rapidly turning stainless steel blade is designed, when you so choose, to generate speeds fast enough to create the heat generating friction necessary to bring soup to serving temperature. The end result is steaming hot soup served straight from your Health Master 100.

This same machine is powerful enough to crush ice, and if it is powerful enough to crush ice, it can be used to produce ice cream and all sorts of other ice cold treats.  Use ice and fresh or frozen fruits for delicious smoothies.  The addition of your favorite yogurt will produce an ice sorbet.  Substitute milk or cream for the yogurt, and you are on your way to making a wonderful, fruit flavored ice cream.  Using the Health Master 100, it only takes seconds.

*(complete recipe may be found at www.recipesource.com) 

You've Seen It on TV, Now You'll Find It at Store-It Foods 

Health Master 100 Foods

Jack LaLanne’s
Health Master 100™
It prepares hot and cold foods. Ice cream, smoothies, frozen drinks, ice pops, soup, meals, coffee, desserts and more!
  • 31 Kitchen Jobs In One Machine
• Generates Its Own Heat
Using Centrifugal Friction
• 8 Variable Speed Motor
Runs Up To 2 Horse Power
• 100 Year Limited Warranty on Motor
• Quick and Easy Clean-Up
• Commercial Quality

Consider Just a Few of the Uses for Jack LaLanne's Health Master 100:

  • Ice Treats. Pour in ice, frozen fruit and yogurt or milk for almost instant sorbets and ice creams.
  • Crush Ice. A few seconds it all it takes to crush a container of ice.
  • Nut Butters. Sugar free, additive free peanut and other nut butters.
  • Puree.  Make your own baby foods using cooked or fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Whip. Eggs and egg whites.
  • Simmer. Wonderful soups, sauces and gravies without lumps and without the need for constant stirring.
  • Chunky Soups. Prefer chunky soups?  To your simmering soup simply add the desired ingredients and use the pulse feature.
  • Shred. Vegetables and cheeses.
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