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Hygiene and Sanitation

Personal Hygiene - It Can Make a Huge Difference!

The First Defence Against Germs and Disease

In the event of a disaster the chances that available water supplies will have been contaminated are high, making personal hygiene and sanitation not some social nicety but a necessity.  At least cover the basics when you assemble the various items that will make up your emergency survival preparedness gear and equipment.  And remember, when the moment of evacuation comes, you may not have the time to say, "Just hold on a moment while I run and get my toothbrush."

Personal Hygiene - A Necessity
Begin with the Basics

Begin with the Basics

Deluxe Hygiene Kit

Standard Hygiene Kit

The 24 Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit from Guardian has been assembled with care using a number of what most would agree to be rather important "necessities."

The following items have been included:
  • toothbrush, toothpaste,
  • 9 wetnaps,
  • bar of soap,
  • .34 oz shampoo and conditioner,
  • dental floss pick,
  • .25 oz hand and body lotion,
  • deodorant gel,
  • twin blade razor,
  • 5" black comb,
  • 4 maxipads,
  • shaving cream packet,
  • and washcloth. 
All 24 pieces have been neatly packed into a strong 6" x 9" bag that is suitable for storage in your emergency survival kit.

During times of emergency it is important to maintain health and cleanliness. Guardian Hygiene Kits may be simple, but they are there to assist disaster victims in doing just that. These handy hygiene kits are put together and sealed on site. They contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap, and 9 wet wipes.

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Take a standard toilet paper roll and remove the cardboard tube from the center. This will allow the roll to be flattened and made more easily transportable - always a consideration when packing a backpack or an emergency survival kit where space can be at a premium.


If clean water is unavailable for washing, it may also be unavailable for drinking and brushing your teeth.  Consider a supply of water purification tablets for inclusion in your emergency survival kit, and for use at home in case of contaminated tap water.

More Survival Choices

More Survival Choices

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