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Lifesaver Cube 5000UF

Lifesaver Cube 5000UF

Lifesaver Cube 5000UF
Lifesaver Nano Chart
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The LIFESAVER cube will keep you alive, developed in conjunction with Oxfam GB, the LIFESAVER cube is proven to deliver clean, safe water in times of desperate need. It is the ideal clean water solution in disaster response situations due to its ease of use, no training required and no wait times. The cube delivers instant, safe clean water.

Why buy a LIFESAVER cube 5000UF?

  • Produce 5,000 liters of your own clean drinking water
  • Store and carry 5 liters of water in the cube
  • Provides an individual with clean water for 4 years and 6 months
  • Costs mere pennies per liter
  • Ideal for family use
  • Portable and ideal for camping, traveling, keeping for emergency use and storing in a motorhome/campervan
  • Ideal for drinking, washing, brushing your teeth and preparing food for a family of 4 for up to 1 year.
  • Fill with water from a stream, lake, river

What is unique about LIFESAVER?
  • Filter water down to 0.015 microns / 15 nanometers - no other portable technology will filter out the smallest known waterborne virus
  • FAILSAFE technology: when the cartridge expires the water stops flowing. It is impossible to drink contaminated water
  • Extremely easy to use - simply FILL with water, PUMP the cube, DRINK clean water
  • The industry's best water flow rate - faster than any other portable water filter

LIFESAVER complies with International Drinking Water Regulations

LIFESAVER systems ltd complies with all British, US and European drinking water regulations for microbiological reduction as tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

LIFESAVER International warranty

The LIFESAVER cube 5000UF  comes with a 2 year international warranty when purchased directly from LIFESAVER systems ltd or from an authorized LIFESAVER reseller.

The cube 5000UF includes

  • 1 x LIFESAVER cube (pre-installed with a 5000UF cartridge)
  • 1 x LIFESAVER activated carbon filter
  • 1 x LIFESAVER maintenance pack (1 protective cartridge cap and 5 spare o-rings)
Country of Orign Great Britain
Package Dimensions (inches) 13x13x11.5
Unit Dimensions (inches) 13x13x11,5
Product Weight 3.15 lb
Amount of water filtered before replacement filrter required (approx) 5000 liters (1,320.9 gallons)
Cost per gallon (approx) $0.12
Micron Rating 0.015
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