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Do you find yourself in need of replacement parts for your All-American Pressure Cooker / Canner?  Then use the right replacement parts to keep it working at a peak performance level.

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From Wafco, Maker of All-American Pressure Canners
"At Home Canning""At Home Canning"
All-American - Basic Operation Instructions (DVD) Pressure Canners / CookersAll-American - Basic Operation Instructions (DVD) Pressure Canners / Cookers
All-American Instruction and Recipe BookAll-American Instruction and Recipe Book
All-American 9.5" Canning RackAll-American 9.5" Canning Rack
All-American 11.5" Canning RackAll-American 11.5" Canning Rack
All-American 12.75" Canning RackAll-American 12.75" Canning Rack
All-American 253 Pudding PanAll-American 253 Pudding Pan
All-American Cross Bar SetAll-American Cross Bar Set
All-American Bakelite Wing NutAll-American Bakelite Wing Nut
76-09 Replacement Handle w/screws76-09 Replacement Handle w/screws
All-American Top Handle ScrewAll-American Top Handle Screw
All-American 76-09 RM Top HandleAll-American 76-09 RM Top Handle
All-American Geared Steam GaugeAll-American Geared Steam Gauge
All-American Pressure Regulator WeightAll-American Pressure Regulator Weight
All-American Vent Pipe for Pressure Regulator WeightAll-American Vent Pipe for Pressure Regulator Weight
All-American Cleaning Rod (for vent pipe)All-American Cleaning Rod (for vent pipe)
All-American Clamp BoltAll-American Clamp Bolt
All-American Clamp Bolt PinAll-American Clamp Bolt Pin
All-American Overpressure PlugAll-American Overpressure Plug
All-American Side HandleAll-American Side Handle
All-American Retaining Bayonet ClampAll-American Retaining Bayonet Clamp
All-American Retaining Bayonet Clamp ScrewAll-American Retaining Bayonet Clamp Screw
Note: Minimum order for All-American Parts - $30
Parts Diagram

Parts Diagram

Parts Diagram - All-American Pressure CannersAs illustrated:
  1. Pressure Dial Gauge
  2. Side Handles
  3. Top Handle
  4. Wing Nuts
  5. Clamp Bolts
  6. Automatic Pressure Control
  7. Vent Pipe
  8. Overpressure Plug
  9. Canning/Cooking Rack
  10. Retaining Bayonet Clamps (not shown on diagram)
  11. Metal-to-metal Seal
  12. Cover
  13. Bottom
  • Metal-to-metal Seal. This means younever need to replace a broken, cracked or hardened gasket. The exclusive metal-to-metal seal improves with use if properly cared for and lubricated (olive oil recommended).
  • Cover. Extra heavy, high-grade cast aluminum. Holds the guage, pressure regulator weight, and overpressure plug.
  • Bottom. Extra heavy, high-grade cast aluminum heats quickly, wears well, cleans easily, and will not rust. The collar has double thickness edges for extra safety and durability.

All-American Pressure Cooker/Canners have been in production since 1930, and there have been several million distributed throughout the world.

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