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Can Sealers
Can Sealer - for dry pack canning
The Alternative to "Wet Pack" Canning

When It Comes to Successful Dry Pack Canning
The Can Sealer
Makes It All Possible


Choice of Ten Models
Master Can Sealers from All-American

ALL-AMERICAN Can Sealers are designed for use by Commercial Canners, Custom Canners, School Canneries, Lunch Rooms, Experimental Laboratories, Gift Packaging Centers, and Home Canners.  Even on the manually operated machines the sealing process is completely automatic, requiring no extra levers to push or pull. 

Automatic Master Can Sealers are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, but do require some maintenance, including simple but necessary oiling, and seasonal applications of fibre grease to sealer gears.  The Master series can be upgraded to handle up to No. 3 cans.

Senior Can Sealers from All-American

ALL-AMERICAN Senior Can Sealers are similar in many respects to the Master series of can sealers, but unlike the Master series they ARE designed to handle the larger No. 10 and No. 12 size cans so popular in dry pack canning.  They can also be adapted to handle the smaller sizes, although additional components may need to be purchased (dependant upon model selected).

Senior Can Sealers are designed to meet more demanding work needs, but like the can sealers from the Master series, they too require some maintenance - following the guidelines clearly set forth in the accompanying manuals. Every All-American can sealer is proudly produced in the U.S. by WAFCO (Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry).

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Parts not included in this offer

Parts not included in this offer

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Please Note:

All-American Can Sealers are shipped "Factory Direct".
The manufacturer has advised that it normally takes 8 to 10 business days
for orders to be processed and made ready for shipping.
Can Sealer Can AdaptersShould your dry pack canner lack the capacity to handle one of the standard can sizes that you are interested in using, it is possible to add one or more can adapters to most units.


Store-It Foods does carry

Can Adapters

for most of the standard sized cans available for use in your Dry Pack Canner.


The can adapters listed at Storeitfoods.com are designed to work with standard North American can sizes.  Should you require something to work with non-standard or international sizes please call or email us to determine availability and pricing.

Accessories - Cans and Oxygen Absorbers for Use in Dry Pack Canning

STORE-IT FOODS does not currently sell either the oxygen absorber packets commonly used in dry pack canning, or the cans themselves.  If you do not have local access to these products, they are available through a number of online firms.  The oxygen absorber packets should present little problem in locating.  The food grade cans, however, may be another matter.  There are a number of firms selling them, but many of these companies sell only by the pallet or in some similarily large quantity.

For your convenience, you might like to begin your search with Freund Container or House of Cans.  Both of these firms make it possible for the consumer to purchase their can sealer supplies in smaller lots.

Freund Container
A Division of Berlin Packaging
Corporate Center II
4200 Commerce Court Suite 206
 Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: 1-800-363-9822

House of Cans, Inc.
7060 N. Lawndale Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60712-2610
(847) 677-2100


We would welcome reports of other firms who are willing to supply smaller quantities of these products.

More on Canning and Pickling:

More on Canning and Pickling:

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Can Sealer Can AdaptersCan Sealer Can AdaptersShould your dry pack canner lack the capacity to handle one of the standard can sizes that you are interested in using, it is possible to add one or more can adapters to most units.
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Attention Canadian Shoppers
Unfortunately, there are times when "factory direct" is not an option for our Canadian deliveries. Fortunately, in a great many instances it is possible to overcome this difficulty.

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