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Food Storage Ideas

Musings on Food Storage

Who's Done It, Who's Doing It, and Why and How Should It Be Done?

(Thoughts, Ideas and Advice on Food Storage)

Food Storage foods
Food Storage Articles

Food Storage Articles

Can Openers, Food Storage and TurtlesCan Openers, Food Storage and Turtles - a lesson in emergency preparedness
Canning Meat in CansIf you were wondering if you could use your dry pack canner or can sealer for canning meats, the answer is "yes". Check out the instructions provided by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Choose WiselyChoose But Choose Wisely -- Wise choices in food storage require choosing those things you not only need, but will use.
Dry Packing Your Favorite Food at Home Dry pack canning tends to drastically lengthen the various shelf life's associated with food. This is an ideal method to use in order to secure a supply of long term food in the event of an emergency situation. It is not unusual to find that dry packs have lasted for upward to 20 years or more.
Food Additives?Home Food Storage and Healthy Food Choices
Food Supply ThreatsThe Birds and the Bees and Food Storage - Threats to our food supplies can come from some unusual directions.
Heritage SeedsFood Storage and Heritage Seeds
The Potato BoxUse Potatoes to make great use of limited gardening space.  You cn grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a mere 4 square feet.
Safe Water
Keeping it Clean, Keeping it Pure, Keeping it Drinkable - What Can You Do to Protect and Preserve Your Personal Water Supply?
Sausage DelightIt’s quick. It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy to make. When we find ourselves actually depending upon and using our food storage items, we may find that we may be somewhat limited in what ingredients we have available.
Sugar for Storage?It might be wise to reconsider both our current level of sugar usage, and the wisdom of making refined sugar such a prominent part of our food storage.
Wheat Grinder RecommendationsWant to find out which wheat grinder is the best for your needs? Need to price out different models of wheat grinders? What do you do with all that wheat once you have ground it? Keep reading to get these answers and more!
Why Food StorageHome and Food Storage - Why?

A Word on Safe Food Storage

For many, food storage and food preservation are synonymous, and if you are aiming for an effective food storage program, you will also want it to be a safe food preservation program, and safe food preservation is probably best achieved by doing your own food processing, and by doing it properly.  At Store-It Foods you will find an abundance of food processing tools to help you do just that. Look, examine, and choose wisely.  Safe food preservation is also an investment in your present and future well-being.

and don't forget...

A food storage program that exists just so that you can have food storage is not much of a food storage program. You want to make use of what you produce. You want to place into your food storage those foods that you will actually eat.  Then a food storage program will be effective, and will be worth implementing.  Then Store-It Foods can truly be of assistance in providing those food preservation tools that will benefit you both for producing items for that food storage and by preparing those same items in delicious and economical meals.

Why Food Storage?

The answer to that question can be simple or complex, depending, of course, upon how one defines "food storage".  Whether you are looking for short term answers or long term solutions, we hope, by following some of the links to articles attached to this page, that you will gain at least some of the information you need.

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