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Wheat Grass and Sprouting Seeds

growing wheatgrassProducing Wheatgrass and Sprouts in the Comfort and Convenience of Your Own Home

An Investment in High Nutrition and Healthier Living

Sprouted grains, unlike processed grains, are extremely nutritious and can play a valuable role in any helathy diet.  Much the same can be said of other sprouts.  High nutrition is one of their key benefits. Handy Pantry also prides itself in providing truly Organic Sprouting Seeds.

It should also be noted that sprout seeds, if stored properly, normally store well.  This long shelf life makes them ideal candidates for inclusion in a long term, food storage program.

Getting Started with Wheatgrass and Sprouting - The Right Seeds
Sprouting Seed Choices
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Handy Pantry Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds (SKU: PW-A37)
Handy Pantry Barley Sprouting Seed - 8 oz. (SKU: PW-B-8)
Handy Pantry Bean Salad Sprouting Seeds Mix - 4oz (SKU: PW-BS-39)
Handy Pantry Broccoli Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-BR-4)
Buckwheat Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-B-40)
Handy Pantry Chia Sprouting Seeds - 8 oz. (SKU: PW-CH-8)
Handy Pantry Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-CC-42)
Handy Pantry Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-CC-42)
Handy Pantry Clover Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-C-44)
Handy Pantry Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-F-46)
Handy Pantry Garbanzo Sprouting Seeds - 8oz (SKU: PW-G-8OZ)
Handy Pantry Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds - 4 oz. (SKU: PW-L-48)
Handy Pantry Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-MB-51)
Handy Pantry Brown Mustard Sprouting Seeds - 8 oz. (SKU: PW-BM-8)
Handy Pantry Onion Sprouting Seed - 8 oz. (SKU: PW-ON-8)
Handy Pantry Radish Sprouting Seeds - 4oz (SKU: PW-R-53-1)
Handy Pantry 3 Part Salad Sprouting Seed Mix - 4oz (SKU: PW-SM-56)
Handy Pantry 5 Part Salad Sprouting Seeds Mix - 4oz (SKU: PW-SM-59)
Handy Pantry Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds - 8oz (SKU: PW-SB-8oz)
Handy Pantry Green Pea Sprouting Seeds - 8oz (SKU: PW-GP-8OZ)
Handy Pantry Crunchy Lentil Fest Sprouting Seeds - 8oz (SKU: PW-CLF-8)
Handy Pantry Sunflower Sprouting Seeds - 8oz (SKU: PW-SUN-60)
Handy Pantry Protein Powerhouse Sprouting Mix 8 oz (SKU: PW-PP-8OZ)

Wheat Grass and Sprouts - It Can Be Done at Home

A Word of Caution

Please Stop and Consider

Store-It Foods recommends that you obtain your sprouting seeds from safe sources only.  If you are not obtaining your organic sprouting seeds from Store-It, then select from some other reputable source.  You will want to do your sprouting using the safest possible product -- product that is designed to be sprouted at home.

Learn More...

Learn More...

Seed WarningSeed WarningSafe food storage is the goal, so how safe are raw sprouts? A careful choice of the seeds you use may be the key to a nutritious and SAFE crop of delicious sprouts. Certified Organic ExplainedCertified Organic Explained"Handy Pantry Provides Only Certified Organic Wheatberries!" These are the words that Handy Pantry uses to describe their Hard Red Wheat Sprouting Seeds. Here they explain what that means, and why that makes their seeds so special. SproutersSproutersWhether you want a simple, jar type sprouter, or a more elaborate, electric sprouter, the right equipment can make all the difference. Wheat Grass JuicersWheat Grass JuicersIf you're going to grow wheatgrass, you're going to want to use that wheatgrass, and the most popular way to use wheatgrass is as wheatgrass juice. That's what wheatgrass juicers are designed to provide.

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