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At Store-It Foods, we are serious in our efforts to provide you, as our customer, with the highest quality food storage or emergency preparedness products, whether they be apple peelers, a pressure canner, a wheat grass juicer, some sort of food dehydrator, your emergency survival kit or something altogether different, and we always strive to maintain  reasonable and affordable pricing.

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Food Storage

Apple PeelersApple PeelersWelcome to traditional styling that stands for Old World taste and wholesome goodness in food preparation. Peel, core and slice - all in one operation, or simply select one function at a time. Books - Healthy Living / Self RelianceBooks - Healthy Living / Self RelianceVisit the Store-It book store. Find titles related to self reliance, food storage, diet, nutrition, and, in fact, healthy living in general. Blenders and MixersBlenders and MixersBlenders are known for their great ability to produce smoothies, shakes and other ice cold drinks, but their usefulness can also extend to grinding, pureeing, and the preparation of delicious, hot soups or freezing, cold ice creams. Home CanningHome CanningHome canning - It's a food storage method that has been around for centuries. And it still works. Canning - "Dry Pack" Canning, Can SealersCanning - "Dry Pack" Canning, Can SealersWhen It Comes to Successful Dry Pack Canning The Can Sealer Makes It All Possible.
Cherry StonersCherry StonersWhether you are planning on making pies, doing some canning, packaging fruit for freezing, producing a delicious dessert, or dehydrating, a cherry stoner will make working with cherries so much easier. Countertop OvensCountertop OvensFeel confident when you rely on your counter top appliances by using quality brand name products from West Bend, Nesco, and Presto. These ovens will provide you with quick and easy heating, reheating, and baking. Choose from specialty pizza ovens to units that are deigned to handle a multitude of products. Cutting and Slicing ToolsCutting and Slicing ToolsCutting and Slicing Tools - Cut, slice, dice, peel and otherwise process Deep FryersDeep FryersDeep Fry Crunchy Chicken, French Fries, Crispy Onion Rings and More Food Cleaning and SanitationFood Cleaning and SanitationFood sanitation should be a concern in every home. Store-It Foods provides the right tools to help homeowners cope with that concern.
Dehydrating - Electric & Solar Food DehydratorsDehydrating - Electric & Solar Food DehydratorsAn ancient method of food storage goes modern. Store-It Foods carries a wide range of dehydrators and dehydrator accessories, including seasoning and tools for jerky making. Food ProcessorsFood ProcessorsA food processor - the multi-function machine ready for: Slicing/chopping vegetables, Grinding foods such as nuts, meat, or dried fruit, Shredding or grating cheese or vegetables, Pureeing, and even Mixing and kneading doughs Food Storage  - Containers and OrganizersFood Storage - Containers and OrganizersPreserving Food Through Proper Food Storage - the answer may lie in the inexpensive line of food storage containers, bags and other aids carried by Store-It Foods. Food Prep - Food Strainers / Sauce MakersFood Prep - Food Strainers / Sauce MakersIf you have a wish to produce fresh sauces or salsas for your family, then why not add the word "easy" to the process? Food strainers and sauce makers can provide the means. JuicersJuicersThe best and healthiest of juices are generally the ones you produce yourself. Store-It Foods has a wide variety of juicers, both manual and electric, for your food storage and food preparation needs.
Food Prep - Kitchen GadgetsFood Prep - Kitchen GadgetsSlicers, dicers, choppers, graters and peelers. Those are all here as are a great many other handy little tools to help with your food preparation and food storage programs. Knives, Shears and SharpenersKnives, Shears and SharpenersQuality Kitchen Knives, a Necessity for a Safer, More Efficient Kitchen.  Look to for an affordable selection of such knives.  Microwave CookingMicrowave CookingDiscover cooking shortcuts with convenient kitchen tools made for microwave use. Food Prep - Mills / GrindersFood Prep - Mills / GrindersWhether you need a large grain mill or a small grain mill, an electric meat grinder, a baby food mill, an all-purpose mincer, or some other type of a specialty milling or processing appliance, you can turn to for help in meeting that need. Pots and PansPots and PansQuality Stove and Oven Cookware from Quality Manufacturers - Pots, Pans, Roasters and Griddles - They Remain Necessities for the Modern Kitchen
Canning - Pressure Canners, Pressure CookersCanning - Pressure Canners, Pressure CookersThese dual purpose appliances offer you both additional speed and additional safety in food preservation, and take home canning to a new level. Pressure CookersPressure CookersPressure cookers provide users with safe, fast, efficient and energy saving cooking. Choose a size that best suits your needs. Electric Food SlicersElectric Food SlicersPerfect, Even, Deli Quality Slices Every Time - Done Right in Your Own Home. Salad MakingSalad MakingA salad shooter slices and shreds and it does so efficiently and very, very quckly. Shoot one ingredient after another right where you want. Slow Cookers / SteamersSlow Cookers / SteamersSteamers and slow cooker can be some of the most convenient kitchen appliances placed at the disposal of the at home chef.
Soy Milk MakersSoy Milk MakersProduce Your Own Soymilk, as well as Rice Milk, Nut Milk, and Other Milks - Use them as an alternative or as a substitute for Dairy Milk Food Storage - Vacuum SealingFood Storage - Vacuum offers commercial food preservation technology, designed to offer advanced levels of continuous food packaging for the home. Vacuum packing will revolutionize the way you store and purchase food. Sprouting - Sprouts and WheatgrassSprouting - Sprouts and WheatgrassWheat Grass, Sprouts and sprouting - fun and nutritious ways to give you access to the freshest of fresh sprouts, wheatgrass and juices on a year round basis. Yogurt MakersYogurt MakersYogurt makers provide you with the quickest and easiest way to produce home made yogurt - For Health, Nurtrition and Savings, accompanied, of course, by that Delicious, Homemade Taste SpecialsSpecialsInterested in stretching your dollars just a little further? Then why not take advantage of storeitfoods' current specials and special buys.

Emergency Preparedness

Handbooks of PreparednessHandbooks of PreparednessLearn how to evaluate, organize, and rotate your food supply; pack an evacuation kit; protect important documents from fire; develop a communications system; make nutritious soup with canned and dried pantry items; and entertain the kids for several television-free days. Make use of a basic first aid manual.  Choose your preparedness guide. Backpacks and BagsBackpacks and BagsThe Emergency survival kit backpacks and bags as carried by Store-It Foods are designed to be used as carriers of your emergency survival preparedness gear and equipment. Tools -- Outdoor / Camping / SurvivalTools -- Outdoor / Camping / SurvivalPrepare for the Unexpected with Tools that Can Handle Just About Anything - multi purpose shovels, survival knives, work gloves, buckrts, dust respirator masks and more. CommunicationCommunicationRadios, Cell Phone Chargers and Whistles. An emergency is not a good time to lose contact with the outside world. Emergency Preparedness - Survival KitsEmergency Preparedness - Survival KitsEmergency Survival Kits from Guardian, a company that realizes the importance for every person in the world to be prepared with an emergency survival kit to sustain that individual for 72 hours until adequate help arrives, and with a goal of doing so at low cost.
EntertainmentEntertainmentPlaying cards and games that are not dependant upon electricity are ideal additions to emergency supply kits. In fact, they are much more important than one might think. Flash Drives for Document StorageFlash Drives for Document StorageWhether you call them pen drives, thumb drives, jump drives, flash drives, or simply USB drives, these little devices provide you with the ideal means to digitally store important personal papers, family documents and irreplaceable photos. Flashlights, Lanterns, and LightingFlashlights, Lanterns, and LightingLoss of power could be but a minor inconvenience or an indicator of major problems to come. In either case, it is wise to be prepared with emergency lighting needs ready to be met. First AidFirst AidWhether anticipating the first aid needs of a group, your family, or just yourself, Store-It makes accessible a wide array of reasonably priced first aid kits and supplies. Hygiene and SanitationHygiene and SanitationIn the event of a disaster the chances that available water supplies will have been contaminated are high, making hygiene and sanitation not some social nicety but a necessity.
Heat, Warmth and ShelterHeat, Warmth and ShelterIf space, monetary or weight limitations mean you have to say "no" to 5 person tents, down filled sleeping bags, or portable kerosene heaters, then the compact, lightweight, low-cost emergency gear that has been designed for emergency shelter and warmth usage might provide a more than adequate substitute. Portable Stoves / Outdoor CookingPortable Stoves / Outdoor CookingThose cooking aids which you find so useful when camping or simply enjoying a meal out of doors might also prove to be tremedously worthwhile to have on hand in times of emergency. Solar Powered DevicesSolar Powered does carry several solar powered devices that can assist in times of need - whether while coping with power outages, assisting with disaster readiness, or simply "going green" in a world where it pays to be environmentally friendly The SunRocket Solar KettleThe SunRocket Solar KettleFree Hot Water Anywhere Under the Sun! The SunRocket heats and boils water using solar power.  Perfect for travel, outdoor activities, emergency preparation, coping with power outages, cost saving or as a unique gift.
Water Filtration SystemsWater Filtration SystemsIn contemplation of a crisis of undrinkable water, serious consideration should probably be given to the use of water and desalination filters as designed and pioneered by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI). These water purification devices could be true life savers.
Water StorageWater StorageStock enough water to keep your family going for at least that crucial three day period that follows the onset of an emergency. Better yet, plan for a week or two with other options available if needed. Waterproof Storage ContainersWaterproof Storage ContainersWaterproof storage and your 72 hour kit. It pays to plan carefully. Survival TabsSurvival TabsSurvival Tabs are a convenient, compact, lightweight, life-saving food ration for any emergency. They are completely nutritious, have a 10+ year shelf-life and most people find them absolutely delicious. Emergency Food BarsEmergency Food BarsGood for 72 Hour Kits * 5 Year Shelf Life * Ready to Use in an Emergency * Also Great for Camping and Other Uses Freeze Dried Foods - Lindon FarmsFreeze Dried Foods - Lindon FarmsFreeze dried / dehydrated meals from Lindon Farms.  Food storage for any eventuality.
Freeze Dried Foods - NutristoreFreeze Dried Foods - NutristoreFreeze Dried Food from Nutristore - As close to fresh as you can get without it actually being fresh picked. OvaEasy - Egg CrystalsOvaEasy - Egg CrystalsOvaEasy eggs do taste like fresh eggs. And they're just as nutritious. Choose from OvaEasy egg white and whole egg crystals. OvaEasy starts with wholesome fresh eggs and gently evaporates the water, leaving only little crystals of pure egg. Freeze Dried Foods - Wise CompanyFreeze Dried Foods - Wise CompanyReady made gourmet foods prepared in miutes just by adding water - You can't tell it from the real thing because with Wise Freeze Dried Foods it is the "real" thing. Grains - Bulk Foods - Bread MakingGrains - Bulk Foods - Bread MakingStore-It Foods carries a number of potentially important but hard-to-locate food storage items that are not normally to be found in your local grocery.  Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid / Suitable for Storage)Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid / Suitable for Storage)Prepare for Times of Scarcity with Assorted Garden Seeds Ready for Immediate Use or Long-term Storage
Storeitfoods for Food Storage and Emergency Preapredness Supplies - Your One Stop Shop for a Huge Varieity of Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Products

Select from backpacks, emergency survival kits, freeze dried and dehydrated foods, canning tools and equipment, food dehydrators, sauce makers and a great deal more.

Store-It Foods carries hundreds of different products in several different categories related to food storage, food preparation, food preservation, and emergency preparedness. For added ease in locating the product that you need, simply click on one of the relevant categories illustrated below.

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