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Shipping / Returns
Shipping Rates and Policies

SHIPPING RATES. Shipping charges are normally based upon the weight of the product(s) being ordered.  There are some exceptions, Wise Food products being the prime example.  Here Wise has established a set rate for each item ordered.  That rate will be shown as the order is placed.

When charged by weight, for the Continental U.S. the first pound would include a basic shipping charges of $6.25 plus the total weignt times $0.99.  For Alaska that would be $12.95 and $2.59.  Hawaii would be $12.95 and $4.59.  Canadian order would incur a basic shipping fees of $16.25 and $4.35 for each pound or portion thereof (Whenever possible we will ship via USPS International Priority).  Weights of all products are shown along with the description of the product.  For your convenience, shipping costs are calculated automatically and shown PRIOR to the completion of your order.  In the case of "Instant Rebate" or "Shipping Included" offers, shipping charges will be shown, but an equivalent discount will also be taken.  Fractions of a pound are taken into account.

Courier and postal rates have been known to vary frequently, and may be changed without notice.

SHIPPING TIMES.  Although shipments may originate from one or more different locales, they are not sent to some centralized location for reshipment to you.  They will be sent direct, and normally within 1-3 business days of the receipt of your order. We will attempt to notify you of any undue delays.  We do find, however, that most delays are the result of payment complications, these being inaccuracies in the provision of shipping and billing addresses, or billing information inconsistent with what's on the credit card record.  To protect you, and ourselves we do verify the credit card information before shipping.  So please be careful in your completion of the order form. Orders placed during non-business hours such as evenings, weekends, and holidays are normally processed on the next business day with shipment being arranged as soon as possible after that.  The actual shipping times vary.  As might be expected, orders placed during the busy holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving or Christmas are more prone to delays on the part of the shipper.  That may mean, for example, that an order that might normally arrive at your door within one week may instead take two.

SHIPPING METHODS.  Storeitfoods.com is restricted to the shipping methods designated by our manufacturers and their distributors. Typically this will be by UPS or occasionally FedEx or US Priority Post. Neither UPS or FedEx will deliver to box numbers, and some sort of a street address will be required. Except where specifically stated otherwise, we can arrange shipping outside the Continental United States to Canada as well as to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands addresses.  Unfortunately, our online shipping calculation may be wrong for these addresses, and in such cases manual correction may be required.

UPS or FedEx: The most inexpensive way to ship is normally by UPS Ground or FedEx, which is why it is the chosen shipping method in almost all cases. UPS shipping charges are calculated based on weight and distances.  Where Store-It Foods charges shipping, shipping charges will be calculated and shown at the time you place your order. Occasionally mistakes will arise and we reserve the right to correct such mistakes.  If we have so erred, and it is to your detriment, you will be given the option of canceling or continuing with your order.  If the error is in your favor we will simply continue to complete the order process, giving you the benefit of any decreases.

FREE SHIPPING.  Shipping is never really "free".  It can, however, be built into the pricing of certain products, and this will be taken into account at the time you physically place your order.

HANDLING CHARGES.  Store-It Foods does not assess any special handling fees except in two cases: to cover those assessed by the one or two manufacturers/suppliers who apply their own additional fees (e.g. oversized packages) or for oders under $15.00 for which a $1.00 "small order" fee is applied.

TAXES.  We are not required to levy state sales taxes.  Canadian order ae normally subject to GSTor HST (payment required at time of delivery), and PST will be assessed in the province of Manitoba. 

LIABILITY.  All UPS and similar shipments are insured for damage and for packages gone missing while in the possession of the shipper. Storeitfoods.com is not responsible for any physical damage which may occur to products during the shipping process.  We are also NOT responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to packages being left at your doorstep by UPS or other delivery personnel.  Though unlikely, these things can happen, and if it does you should immediately contact your local shipping office.

ORDER TRACKING.  We have made every effort to make it very easy for you to check the status of your order and track your shipment during transit. When you place your order, you are given an Order Number. Your purchase order and order number will be confirmed via e-mail. You can track your order by clicking on the "Track Your Order" button on the top right hand corner of this or any other page of the Store-It site.

CANADIAN ORDERS.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has eliminated many cross border fees for shoppers, but not all.  Canadian customers will certainly need to consider, and be ready to pay, Canada customs duties, taxes and custom brokerage fees.  For more information on this please call the Canada Customs office nearest you.

Return Policy

SATISFACTION.  We at Store-It Foods want you to be satisfied with what you pruchase.  One of the best ways to achieve that is to have you make sure you are purchasing the right item.  With this in mind we try to provide you with as much information as we can to enable you to make an informed decision when considering the choices before you.  If second thoughts arise, returns are possible, but to avoid having had to needlessly pay shipping and other fees, it is best to be proactive.  Please try to make sure that the item you order is really what you want. 

WARRANTY CONCERNS.  All claims for repair or replacement of items under warranty is an issue solely between you, as the purchaser of an item, and the manufacturer of the item. 

RETURNS.  If, within 30 days of the receipt of you order, you find that you are not completely satisfied with the purchasing decision that you have made, returns can be arranged.  Please, do not act on your own.  You will need an RA (Return Authorization) number before proceeding.  This can be obtained by simply contacting us at Store-It.   The merchandise itself must be in a "new" condition with all packaging, manuals, packing, etc. still present and in good condition.  Used goods are not eligible for return.  It is also important to make sure that the RA number provided is clearly marked upon the outside of the package.  Some of our manufacturers will refuse to accept delivery of items not so marked.  Return shipping, of course, will be done at the customer's expense.  Shipping and handling fees assessed at the time of the initial purchase are not refundable.  Please be aware that those goods sent to you with shipping charges included in the price will have an appropriate deduction taken from the refund or credit issued.  A 15% restocking fee is applied to all returns.  Again, the best advice we can give you so that all of these deductions and added costs can be avoided, is to be very careful with that initial purchasing decision.  Defective goods, of course, are not subject to these extra charges, and instead would be covered by the warranty coverage being provided by the manufacturer concerned.

FREE GIFT.  If returning an item with which a "Free Gift" was supplied at time of purchase, you may opt to either return the item and the gift, or return the item only.  Should you choose the latter, the value of that gift will be deducted from any credit or refund for which you may be entitled.

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Calculating Shipping

Where the cost of shipping your order is based upon your general location and the weight of the products being ordered.

Continental U.S.

(total weight x $0.99) + $6.25 (basic shipping charge) =


(wt. x $2.59) + $12.95 =


(wt. x $4.59)  + $12.95 =

Canadian Orders

(wt. x $2.35) + $16.25 =

Please Note:

Some items are sold with shipping included, which means you would receive an immediate rebate to cover the cost of shipping or a porion of the cost of shipping for that particular order.

Automatic Calculation 

Shipping charges are calculated automatically. As you enter your order and address information these charges as well as any relevant discounts will be shown with the details of that order.  Please be aware that the first pound or two costs the most to ship.  This means you can save on your shipping expenses by ordering two or more items at a time rather than ordering these articles individually.

Please Note!

At Store-It Foods we do not apply shipping charges in an effort to increase profit margins.  These fees are there to do exactly what they are supposed to do, and that is to cover the actual cost of shipping.  We make every effort to keep our pricing competitive, and, in many cases, you will find our prices lower than those charged by other firms that do consistently offer what is known as "Free" shipping.

Please Note:
FREE Shipping - Some Products
Instant Rebates = Free Shipping. No charge for shipments within the Continental U.S. - Discounted Shipping in other delivery areas. CAUTION: Not all products qualify.
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Store-It Foods carries hundreds of different products related to food storage, food preparation, food preservation, and emergency preparedness. 
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Attention Canadian Shoppers
Unfortunately, there are times when "factory direct" is not an option for our Canadian deliveries. Fortunately, in a great many instances it is possible to overcome this difficulty.

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