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Impending Price Increase
Super Savings on the Sun Oven
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Save 50% on the Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package

All American Sun Oven and Preparedness PackageNow: $399.98
Sun Oven plus Dehydrating Package

Special Package Pricing

Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package Includes:
* Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of three racks with one roll parchment paper)
* Two Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel and glass lids
* Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
* Two Loaf Pans

SAVE on the Accessory Package with purchase of Sun Oven (Offer valid through September 22, 2018)
Package Sale Price If Purchased Separately If Purchased Separately
For the Sun Oven: Instant Rebate Provides Free Shipping Continental U.S. - Discounted Shipping Elsewhere

July/August Special

July/August Special

Paracord Bracelelts - Choice of styling colors
Guardian Paracord Adjustable Bracelet - Envy Guardian adjustable paracrord bracelet - Lust Guardian Adjustable Paracord Bracelet - Wrath Guardian Adjustable Paracord Bracelets - Trio

Adjustable Bracelet - Envywhen sold separately (Regular Price: $5.99 each)


purchasing as a set of three

Adjusable bracelet - Lust

Each of the adjustable bracelets, when broken down, provides 8.2 feet of tough 550 lb. paracord

Guardian Adjustable Paracord Bracelets - Set of Three

Paracord Bracelet - Tough, Durable and Versatile

Paracord is a lightweight, yet very strong nylon rope. Woven into a bracelet for stylish and easy transportation, it is useful not only for emergencies, but also for all sorts of outdoor situations.

While Quantities Last


Preserving With Pomona's PectinPreserving With Pomona's Pectin
Nutristore - LentilsNutristore - Lentils
Nutristore - Pinto BeansNutristore - Pinto Beans
3-in-1 Camping Lantern3-in-1 Camping Lantern
Jar Box - Quart SizeJar Box - Quart Size
Nesco / American Harvest  Add-a-Tray Set for Dehydrator Models FD-27, FD-28, and FD-35 .Nesco / American Harvest Add-a-Tray Set for Dehydrator Models FD-27, FD-28, and FD-35 .

Manufacturer's Specials

Manufacturer's Specials

Survival Tabs - Free Delivery Options and FAQSurvival Tabs - Free Delivery Options and FAQ
NASA's little known food solution for emergency food situations.  We've uncovered it.  Learn more, and save more. On larger orders the manufacturer offers free delivery on orders over $75.
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Preparedness - "How To" GuidesLearn how to prepare for an emergency. Learn how to cope during an emergnecy. FREE Shipping - Some ProductsInstant Rebates = Free Shipping. No charge for shipments within the Continental U.S. - Discounted Shipping in other delivery areas. CAUTION: Not all products qualify. Product SelectionStore-It Foods carries hundreds of different products related to food storage, food preparation, food preservation, and emergency preparedness.  Attention Canadian ShoppersUnfortunately, there are times when "factory direct" is not an option for our Canadian deliveries. Fortunately, in a great many instances it is possible to overcome this difficulty. FAQsQuestions about Store-It Foods? This is the place to find some of those answers.
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