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The SunRocket Solar Kettle

The SunRocket

Free Hot Water Anywhere Under the Sun!

The SunRocket heats and boils water using solar power.  Perfect for travel, outdoor activities, emergency preparation, coping with power outages, cost saving or as a unique gift

Sorry, the Manufacturer of the SunRocket has Decided to Stop Servicing the North American Market. It Is No Longer Available for Ordering.
The Versatile SunRocket
The SunRocket - Handy Thermos The SunRocket - Easy to Use The SunRocket - Sun Kettle

SunRocket Portable Solar Hot Water Heater and Thermos

SunRocket Portable Solar Hot Water Heater and Thermos

SunRocket Portable Solar Hot Water Heater and Thermos
SunRocket with Open ReflectorsThe SunRocket "Thermos"Not Restricted by Seasons - Summer Use of the SunRocketNot Restricted by Seasons - Winter Use of the SunRocket
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Hot water, anywhere under the sun!  The SunRocket can heat, boil and pasteurize water for drinking, washing, cooking or sterilizing from simple sunlight.

Using the latest in solar thermal technology, the SunRocket portable solar hot water heater and thermos uses an evacuated tube, boosted by optimally angled reflective panels to absorb heat.  When opened it can heat water in approximately 45 minutes (weather dependent), then when closed can keep hot for hours.  The SunRocket is scratch and weather resistant, compact and lightweight.

Solar Powered Hot Water Kettle:

The SunRocket can make hot water for drinking, cooking, washing, re-hydrating freeze-dried foods - all from just sunlight. It can also melt snow to drinking water and kill water borne bacteria through heat treatment. It requires no batteries, no fuel, and will last a lifetime. 

  • Eco living, home energy saving
  • Picnics, BBQs, outdoor events
  • Travel - camping, campervan, hiking
  • Sports - fishing, boating, sailing, tennis, golf, etc.
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster response
  • Military / aid agencies
  • Farm and field work
The SunRocket can heat water in cold weather, even light cloud or haze.  It makes for a great gift idea.

Caution: Though the exterior remains cool to the touch, the contents can become extremely hot.

Dimensions 45x11x11cm (17.7x4.3x4.3inches)
Color Black
Materials • Evacuated vacuum glass tube made from Vycor glass (95% silica, high temperature and thermal shock resistant) and copper / aluminium absorption. • Reflective aluminium panels, high quality scratch and weather resistant plastics, pressure release valve.
Volume 500 ml. (17 oz.)
Product Weight 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.)
Country of Origin Australia
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A Year-Round Outdoor Companion
Spring. Summer, Fall or Winter
Harness the Power of the Sun No Other Power Source Required All-SeasonDesigned to Last

Learn More- SunRocket Video Resources
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