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The Super Angel Juicer

The Super Angel SAJ-5500 Juicer - No Ordinary Juicer!

The Super Angel 5000 Juicer
Extraordinary is the way to describe it.

Super Angel is the world's most advanced living juice extractor characteized by all stainless steel construction. Super Angel , celebrating more than 21 years in business, is a worldwide leader of living juice extractors. Super Angel 's technology and quality control through constant and exhaustive innovations over the past 21 years makes the Super Angel Living Juice Extractor one of the top in the industry. It's no wonder. Super Angel has made daily contributions to the development and future growth of the global health equipment industry. The company's commitment is to provide its valuable customers with quality products and service unparalleled in the juicer industry. As they state it, "It is our privilege to serve our customers in any way we can."

Soy Milk from the Super Angel JuicerThe Super Angel Living Juice Extractor will juice almost anything from carrot and apples to wheatgrass and spinach. It is not just limited to regular juicing because with it you can also enjoy soy milk and delicious tofu. The revolutionary, all stainless steel design incorporates a twin gear impeller press system that powerfully rotates at a low 86 rpm (the most ideal speed), that can keep all enzymes and nutrients alive in the juice. Super Angel Juicer is perfect for wheat grass, barley grass, leafy greens, herbs and sprouts. The company feels safe in assuring its customers that Super Angel Juicer will provide them with maximum juicing pleasure. Super Angel Juicer can prove to be a huge time saver even when juicing for one person, but that advantage is magnified when juicing for more than one person, or for a whole family.

Own this reliable and premium juicer and gain peace of mind. If you are looking for a more reliable, heavy duty construction, powerful juicer that triturates (crush and grind into very fine particles) and presses with a slow rpm (keeping enzymes intact and generating no heat) and that guarantees to juice the more fibrous green vegetables and grasses, then you will have found it in the Super Angel Juicer.

Here is to your health, pure and natural juice free from preservatives and additives. Now you can extract all your favorite fruits and vegetables and keep all of what nature intended. Super Angel Juicer's continuous pulp ejection allows for high quality juice production in a quick and efficient way. The only guarantee of great tasting quality comes from extracting juice yourself, straight from fresh fruits or vegetables. Super Angel Juicer will give you juice Pure and Straight the Natural Way . Nothing tastes better than fresh juice, squeezed straight from the produce.

Super Angel Gears

Compare all the features and see the many health benefits

Super Angel Juicer is the easiest, simplest to clean when compared to any other twin gear juicer or vegetable juice extractor. Proof is in the testing. All it takes is a close look at the parts of the Super Angel Juicer. You'll soon see the difference. Every single part consists of "made with the highest quality" material and excellent workmanship. The Super Angel Juicer is definitely not just another juicer. Super Angel Juicer is at the pinnacle of quality and work performance both in name and reality.

High quality (sus 304) Solid Stainless Steel Twin-Gears

Super Angel Juicer has all stainless steel gears with no plastic parts. For those seeking the best possible juice from everything this is the first recommendation. The large juicing gears of the Super Angel Juicer are over 8+3/8 inches long and unlike others they have no plastic parts, being made entirely of surgical-grade stainless steel. The precision engineering involved in manufacturing these gears offers the ultimate in breakdown of fruit and vegetable fibers and delivers the best possible nutrient extraction. These gears rotate at a lower speed (86 rpm) than other models, preserving nutrients and producing juices with a longer shelf life. The twin gears are solid stainless steel (sus304) unlike most other brands which use a lower strength stainless steel (sus303) and have plastic ends that can break.

Ease of Operation and Clean-up

The easy and fast clean-up will save you time. Let's face it, if juicing is a hassle, you won't do it. This is by far the most important requirement because the easier a juicer is to use and clean up, the more often you will use it. And, yes, the Super Angel Juicer is very well built, simple to clean and easy to use. You'll find the very first time you juice with the Super Angel Juicer that the excellent build quality is obvious.  Most people find it to be the sturdiest twin-gear machine they have ever used. The clever "push down" front clamp and simple three-step assembly also make it the most user friendly juicer in its class.

3 HP of grinding force

The Super Angel features solid, surgical-grade stainless steel twin gears running at a 3 HP grinding force. With such precision engineering, the Super Angel can crush cellulose fibers, breaking up cells in vegetables and fruits - extracting nutrients locked inside such as: minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and complex carbohydrates. This all results in the darker, richer color of the juice and a sweeter, richer more full-bodied flavor. The Super Angel is also said to be the most reliable seed juice extractor in the world.

Quality Juice in which you can taste the difference !
You can taste the difference as more value is extracted from a vegetable, more pigments or color are also extracted. This is why Super Angel prepared juice is darker and richer in color when compared to that of other juicers. The difference in quality is also apparent in taste. Juices extracted by Super Angel Juicer are richer and offer a more full-bodied flavor.

Just 86 RPMs
The slow 86 RPMs produce very little oxidation, and therefore produce the highest nutrient juice by keeping more enzymes intact because of less heat and friction by low turning speed. Super Angel has the lowest rpm of any twin gear juicers in the market. Fresh, Enzyme-Rich, Live Juice from Super Angel Juicer !

Premium Juicer with Heavy Duty Construction using Highest Quality Material and Workmanship

Strong, durable and hygienic stainless steel housing, higher strength stainless steel twin gears and precision stainless steel screens translate into reliability.

10 Years material or workmanship under normal home use

Eliminating Agricultural Chemicals and Heavy Metals

The Twin Gears have the ability to remove a high level of agricultural chemicals and heavy metals through the triturating and squeezing process, according to the founder of the " Living Juice " machine - Dr Norman Walker. The principle is as follows: if leaves, stalks or roots are squashed by using steel plates, stones or wood mortars and squeezed, enveloped by hemp cloth, juice and sap penetrate and only fiber waste remains. The degree of affinity of fiber for agricultural chemicals and heavy metals is so high that they remain together with the fiber waste. This is how the Super Angel's triturating process can obtain pure extracted juice eliminating a high percentage of agricultural chemicals and heavy metals by rotating accurate Twin Gears, crushing vegetables and squeezing through the fine net that acts the same as a hemp cloth.

Using the Super Angel Juicer to Make Soy Milk

1. Wash your soy beans.
2. Boil soy beans with water (Ratio of Soy beans 1 : Water 4) for about 5 to 6 minutes.
3. Place the juice tub under the juice outlet. And place the pulp collector under the pulp outlet.
4. Turn switch (power) ON.
5. Put the boiled soy beans into the feeding chute a little at a time with a small amount of above boiled water (Ratio of Boiled Soy Beans 1 spoon : Boiled Water 4 spoons)
6. Turn switch (power) OFF.
7. Ready to serve.

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