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Waterproof Resealable Pouch
Waterproof Resealable Pouch
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The Sona Waterproof Resealable Pouch is great to have on hand for everyday outdoor activities as well as for emergency uses.  

This heavy duty resealable waterproof plastic bag is designed to keep  your valuables dry in the dampest of conditions. Use it on the beach, or while boating, camping, hiking, fishing, etc.  It could be an invaluable tool to keep on hand during emergencies.

  • 7" x 9"
  • Texturized vinyl pouch for a better grip
  • Comes with a lanyard for easy carrying.
  • Ecologically smart and highly reusable.
  • Can be used to safely store money, credit cards, passports, identification cards, cell phones, cameras, small electronics, matches, paper documents, etc..
  1. ​Insert items into the waterproof pouch.  Fold the top of the pouch over three times, until the yellow grabber strips line up.
  2. Squeeze the grabber strips together from end to end.
  3. To open: Pull the two yellow grabber strips apart and unfold the pouch.
It might be wise to keep several on hand. You may never know when or how they might be needed.
Country of Origin China
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Vacuum Packaging

For More Than Just Frozen Foods

Vacuum Packaging can be another way to achieve waterproof storage of items needed in your emergency survival kit.    Use it to protect valuable papers and documents, to assure yourself of dry matches, tinder or other needed items, or to have nourishing trail foods at your ready disposal.

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Waterproof Storage and Your 72 Hour Kit

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