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Welcome to Storeitfoods.com

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness - The Natural Combination!

Whether it is do-it-yourself food storage, or done-for-you food storage (through the use of commercially prepared freeze dried, dehydrated or other such storage foods) or a combination of both; Storeitfoods.com is your source for affordably priced tools, equipment and supplies designed to help you meet your food storage, home storage and emergency preparedness needs.

Look for home canners, pressure canners, home canning equipment, food dehydrators, can sealers, mills, grinders and much more to assist you in meeting food preparation, food preservation and food storage requirements. Select from fully stocked emergency survival kits, individually available first aid supplies, lanterns, hygiene needs, survival tools and other such components of such kits; or a wide array of freeze dried and other foods suitable for both short term and long term storage, all of which will enhance your efforts towards emergency preparedness and/or self-reliant living.


Meeting Your Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Needs!

Food Preparation & StorageMeeting Your Needs for Food Processing, Food Preparation and Food Preservation. Look for a wide selection of quality products, products designed to meet a multitude of food storage needs - choose from canners & canning equipment, food dehydrators, pressure cookers, food storage containers and much, much more.
Emergency PreparednessAre you ready to cope with the after effects of fire, flood or storm? Are you prepared for job loss, financial meltdowns or power outages? Disasters can strike in many ways. It is wise to prepare as best we can, and you will find Storeitfoods.com to be a great source of help. Product Selection
Store-It Foods carries hundreds of different products related to food storage, food preparation, food preservation, and emergency preparedness. 
At StoreitFoods.com we are serious in our efforts to provide you, as our customer, with the highest quality food storage or emergency preparedness products and aids for self-reliant living, whether they be storage food, the right size or type of pressure canner, pressure cookers, canning equipment, food dehydrator, emergency survival kit, survival supplies or something related, and we always strive to maintain  reasonable and affordable pricing.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Are you seeking solutions for food and water storage?  Are you interested in canning and preserving? Are you wanting to plan ahead in the hopes of lessening the impact of possible price increases, food shortages, job loss, unforseen power outages or some other sudden emergency?

StoreitFoods.com prides itself on having available a wide range of affordably priced, high quality products designed to assist with emergency preparedness and self-reliant living.

Planning for the future is an important part of self-reliant living with food storage, of course, being a part of that self-reliant living. It is worth noting that food storage, in its many forms, is not only an everyday necessity, properly planned food storage is also an often overlooked part of family and emergency preparedness, one that can make a difference between surviving…or not. Learn about the importance of food storage and check out the food storage, food preservation, and emergency preparedness products EVERY family should have by clicking on the links to be found in the categories to the left.

Informational Pages
Words of WarningDon't become a statistic and find yourself caught off guard by a utility failure, natural disaster or an emergency. Emergency preparedness is an essential for every family and every individual. Letter from Wise FoodsThe Following Letter Has Been Addressed to Potential Purchasers by Brian NeVille (President and CEO) with Wise Company, Inc Credit Card Concerns?Store-It Foods does not place you on any unexpected mailing lists, we do not supply your address or other personal information to other advertisers, and we most certainly do NOT share your credit card information with other vendors. A Note on BackordersThere is growing difficulty, on the part of manufacturers, to keep up with the growing demand for their products. Unfortunately, this means it is now becoming increasingly common for key items to be on backorder, or listed as "out of stock". International OrdersAlthough Storeitfoods.com ships only to destinations within Canada or the U.S., it is possible to arrange for international deliveries.
Rising PricesAre Food Prices on the Way Up?  It Sure Seems that Way as a "Perfect Storm" of Environmental and Political Events Combine to Push those Prices Upwards. Storeitfoods.com - An OverviewOur focus is on providing access to the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices—so you can afford the food storage equipment and survival gear you need. The Store-It Advantage

Food Storage & Emergency Preparedness made easy with help from Storeitfoods.com

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Need More Information?

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Product Selection
Store-It Foods carries hundreds of different products related to food storage, food preparation, food preservation, and emergency preparedness. 
Useful Links
Looking for other sites that might provide additional assistance in preparing and planning to confront potential emergencies or expand your food storage capabilities? Try these.
Questions about Store-It Foods? This is the place to find some of those answers.
Attention Canadian Shoppers
Unfortunately, there are times when "factory direct" is not an option for our Canadian deliveries. Fortunately, in a great many instances it is possible to overcome this difficulty.

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