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Nesco 400 Watt Food Steamer - 5 Quart

Nesco 400 Watt Food Steamer - 5 Quart

Nesco 400 Watt Food Steamer - 5 Quart
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Discover the benefits of steaming hot, steamed food. The NESCO Steamer cooks a wide variety of foods including grains, vegetables, fruits, eggs, seafood, meat and poultry. This unit comes with a 60 minute timer and is equipped with an automatic shut-off when out of water.

Steaming preserves freshness, minerals, nutrients and the intensity of the flavor of your fruits, vegetables, and meats.  You no longer need to worry about nuking away or boiling away freshness, or fresh appearance. Foods look better and taste better. Meal prpeparation can also be quick and easy with the Nesco two-tier steamer.

Provides easy preparation for all the distinct flavors and fresh tastes of steamed food with amazing convenience. Featuring 400 watts of heating power, 2 steam bowls, a 2-cup rice bowl and 0-60 minute timer. Provides the power and versatility to easily obtain the perfect cooking consistency for all of your favorite rice dishes, veggies and an almost unlimited assortment of other tasty meals.

Our 2-cup rice bowl works great for eggs, tamales and many other steamed dishes.

The Generous 5-quart bowls and 2-cup water reservoir is great for family-size portions.

Monitor your food without losing steam with the durable plastic steaming trays.

The dual tray design allows for the cooking of more than one food at a time.  You could, for instance, prepare rice in the bottom tray while preapring a seafood, vegetable mix in the tray above. The end result: a delicious, quick to prepare combination.

Looks good in any kitchen with an attractive Stainless Steel outer body design.

  • 60 minute timer
  • Two steaming trays
  • 3 Cup Rice bowl
  • 400 watts
Warranty: One Year

Yet another Nesco Product for healthy home cooking!
Delicious steamed foods are good for you too!
Country of Origin China
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